making JoJo characters off a whim

i could literally care less about anything i have ever drawn up to this point. this jacket is my best piece of artwork. this jacket is my past present and future. you can’t even see it’s full beauty because i hastily converted it when i finished to show you. all my work in coloring and texturing has finally paid off. i’m afraid to color her clothes because it might take away from this jacket. i love this jacket.

This is just a “grown up” version of her younger selfs outfit I’m crying I have no ideas


why draw genderbends when you could draw trans characters

I tried to mimick the jjba style but I can’t do that hhh

A Zenitsa I did during exams lol

Apparently I can’t be drawing too much unless I wanna fuck up my arm

A 2 week art break

All I can really do is like. Water color since that doesn’t pressure my arm

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